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The Last of the Baskets: End of the Peer (S1EP1 ITV Mon 10 May 1971, Richard Hurndall)



In End of the Peer, the series premiere of Last of the Baskets, the 12th Earl of Clogborough is on his death bed at the age of 93. He is ready to say goodbye to decrepit mansion and it’s mountain of debt but first he must make sure that loyal retainer Bodkin tracks down the heir to the title – the son of black sheep cousin Clarence. Clifford Basket turns out to be defiantly working class and completely unaware of his new station in life.

Hard working Richard Hurndall plays the out-going Earl, he was a TV regular in supporting roles, often as an authority figure thanks to his stately presence, he is also well remembered by genre fans for impersonating William Hartnell’s doctor in the Doctor Who special The Five Doctors. Hurndall would make a second appearance in Last of the Baskets season two episode A Chip off the Old Block playing cousin Rupert Fitzbasket. He would also appear alongside Arthur Lowe in the 1972 BBC comedy thriller It’s Murder But Is It Art.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 10 May 1971 at 8.30pm

Series: Last of the Baskets Season 1 Episode 1

Writer: John Stevenson / Production Design: Eric Deakins / Director: Bill Podmore

Arthur Lowe as Bodkin
Ken Jones as Clifford Basket
Patricia Hayes as Mrs Basket
Richard Hurndall as Earl of Clogborough
Graham Armitage as Mr Cosgrove
Royston Tickner as Postman
George Malpas as First Tradesman
Terence Davies as Second Tradesman