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The Last of the Baskets: I Gotta Horse (S1EP3 ITV Mon 24 May 1971, Joyce Latham)



Last of the Baskets I Gotta Horse ITV 1971

In I Gotta Horse, funds are low and Bodkin thinks that some of the local shopkeepers may be willing to give credit now that a new Earl is in situ. He persuades Clifford that if arrives on horseback it will sufficiently wow the shopkeepers that they will be guaranteed credit. Of course Clifford has never been on a horse…

George Benson is not the American singer/songwriter of course but the hard working character actor whose film and TV career began in the 1930’s.

production details
UK / ITV – Granada / 1×25 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 24 May 1971 at 8.30pm

Series: The Last of the Baskets Season 1 Episode 3

Writer: John Stevenson / Production Design: Eric Deakins / Director: Bill Podmore

Arthur Lowe as Bodkin
Ken Jones as Clifford Basket
Patricia Hayes as Mrs Basket
George Benson as Mr Smithers
Clive Scott as Mr Holroyd
Joyce Latham as Horsey Woman
Bert King as Betting shop clerk