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The Laundry Guy: Lounge and Leisure In Style (S1EP6 HGTV Wed 21 Apr 2021)



Lounge and Leisure In Style: Patric always says you need a disco ball in your laundry room and he'll need that kind of mojo when it comes to cleaning a '70s era denim suit with sweat stains that a young man inherited from his father. He's also contacted by a woman with a couch that is 140 years old and will test his mettle when it comes to removing a mysterious stain on the cushion. All this before he shows us a trick for folding a fitted sheet.

Airdate: Wed 21 Apr 2021 at 22:00 on HGTV

Season 1 Episode 6

Life is messy and stains happen, and that's when Patric Richardson comes to the rescue. An expert on getting out everything from red wine to rust using household staples, Patric helps his clients tackle stains on sentimental items with stunning results.