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The Lotus Eaters: And If You Have the Time Lord (S2EP6 BBC Two 12 Aug 1973, Ronald Howard)



And If You Have the Time Lord: 

Regular Cast: Ian Hendry (Erik Shepherd), Wanda Ventham (Ann Shepherd), Stefan Gryff (Captain Krasakis), Timothy Carlton (Gerald Mace), Godfrey James (Nicholson), Frank Duncan (Cotton)

Guest Cast: Ronald Howard (Doctor Dartington), Paul Maxwell (Sam Webber), Susan Engel (Imogen Lundqvist), Antony Stamboulieh (Nikos), Calliope Petrohilos (Ariadne Mazonaki)

Writer: Michael J. Bird / Director: Viktors Ritelis

Airdate: 12 Aug 1973 on BBC Two

Series: The Lotus Eaters Season 2 Episode 6

Show Info: Drama series. English couple Erik and Ann Shepherd run a bar in Crete. As this slightly strange series progressed various secrets about their past, including the fact they were involved with the secret service, were revealed. Season one was sort of made up of 9 individual plays with each character getting a lead role whilst season two was more serialised and focusing on the Shepherd’s espionage exploits.