The Mackinnons: In the Public Interest (S1EP8 BBC One, Barry Jackson)



In the Public Interest: A businessman from the North of England plans to exploit an area of outstanding natural beauty. There is a local conflict of interest and the matter has an entirely unexpected outcome.

About the show: Donald Mackinnon (Bill Simpson) is the head of the Mackinnon family and a vet in the fictional Argyll town of Inverglen.

Cast: Bill Simpson (Donald Mackinnon), Mikel Lambert (Margaret), Sandra Clark (Katherine Mackinnon), William Wilde (Ian Turner), Robert James (James Pringle), Barry Jackson, James Smilie, Michael Elder, Bill Denniston, Willy Joss, Anne Downie, Robert Trotter, Elaine Collins, Sheila Latimer

Writer: Lindsay Galloway / Director: Gerald Blake

Airdate: 27 Jun 1977

Series: The Mackinnons Season 1 Episode 8

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