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The Mad Death: Part 2 (S1EP2 BBC One, Debbi Blythe)



The Mad Death BBC Barbara Kellerman

Part 2: Hillard moves to contain the outbreak inside the quarantine zone, while Anne searches for the source of the virus. Then another case is reported – outside the quarantine.

Show Info: A French visitor to Scotland smuggles her cat into the country, sparking a terrifying outbreak of rabies which threatens to engulf an entire community.

Cast: Barbara Kellerman (Doctor Ann Maitland), Richard Morant (Johnny Dalry), Jimmy Logan (Bill Stanton), Paul Brooke (Bob Nicol), Richard Heffer (Michael Hilliard), Debbi Blythe (Jane Stoddard), Bob Docherty (Gamekeeper), Jackie Farrell, Bill Denniston, John Shedden, Michael Elder, Paul Kermack, Bruce McKenzie, Finlay Welsh, Arthur Boland, Martin Muchan, Jamie Rutherford, James Kennedy, Margo Croan, Sheila Duffy, Dorothy Paul

Writer: Sean Hignett / Director: Robert Young

Airdate: 23 Jul 1983

Series: The Mad Death Season 1 Episode 2