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The Man Outside: A Glass Of Snake Wine (S1EP8 BBC One 7 Jul 1972, Donald Pleasence)



A Glass Of Snake Wine: In the jungle are many strange things. Victor Cobb knows the jungle, he knows its power, the fear it can strike into men’s hearts. The influence of civilisation sometimes does not run very deep and the primitive brutality and the need for survival often rise to the surface. Like the jungle, man’s existence is full of life and death …

Regular Cast: Rupert Davies (Baker)

Guest Cast: Donald Pleasence (Victor Cobb), Moira Redmond (Christine Cobb), Frederick Jaeger (Garry Ellaby), Yasuko Nagazumi (Ai Yu), Kristopher Kum (Kim), John Scholes (Johnnie Ryan)

Writer: Rex Edwards / Director: Paddy Russell

Airdate: 7 Jul 1972 on BBC One Two

Series: The Man Outside Season 1 Episode 8

Show Info: Anthology series of individual stories tied together by the notion of a “fear of the unknown”. Former Maigret star Rupert Davies acted as host and appeared in some of them too.