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The Man Outside: Cuculus Canorus (S1EP6 BBC One 23 Jun 1972, Anthony Hopkins)



Cuculus Canorus: Albert Watts comes to live on a large estate to study the local wildlife … but only because he is blackmailing his hosts. For Murder.

Regular Cast: Rupert Davies (Baker)

Guest Cast: Anthony Hopkins (Albert Watts), Gerald Flood (Edward Kenward), Michael Gambon (Ralph Kenward), Angela Browne (Clare Kenward), Penny Spencer (Mildred), Geoffrey Russell (Parsons), Edwin Brown (Harker), Alan Judd (Manston)

Writer: Victor Canning / Director: Raymond Menmuir

Airdate: 23 Jun 1972 on BBC One Two

Series: The Man Outside Season 1 Episode 6

Show Info: Anthology series of individual stories tied together by the notion of a “fear of the unknown”. Former Maigret star Rupert Davies acted as host and appeared in some of them too.