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The Man Outside: Doubts Are Traitors (S1EP11 BBC One 28 Jul 1972, Anna Massey)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

Doubts Are Traitors: Frank doesn’t mind his wife’s passion for causes … until some of them conflict with his own professional duties, in British Security … And then the trouble begins …

Regular Cast: Rupert Davies (Baker)

Guest Cast: Anna Massey (Sally), Moray Watson (Frank), Renny Lister (Jill), Philip Bond (Tony Walker), Joy Harrison (Rosemary Walker), Maggie Walker (Mrs Cassidy), Michael Sheard (Doctor)

Writer: Dorothy Alison / Director: Michael Ferguson

Airdate: 28 Jul 1972 on BBC One Two

Series: The Man Outside Season 1 Episode 11

Show Info: Anthology series of individual stories tied together by the notion of a “fear of the unknown”. Former Maigret star Rupert Davies acted as host and appeared in some of them too.