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The Man Outside: Murder Story (S1EP2 BBC One 19 May 1972, Ronald Fraser)



Murder Story: Major Routledge found a body … at least he said he found it …

Regular Cast: Rupert Davies (Baker)

Guest Cast: Ronald Fraser (The Major), Joan Hickson (Martha), Helena Ross (Vivienne), Victor Winding (Vic), Sally James (Molly), Brigid Erin Bates (Gwen), Paul Thompson (Robin), Peter Miles (Detective Inspector Pardoe), Dennis Edwards (Detective Sergeant North), Colin Baker (Glover), Pauline Stroud (Deborah)

Writer: Patrick Alexander / Director: Simon Langton

Airdate: 19 May 1972 on BBC One Two

Series: The Man Outside Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Anthology series of individual stories tied together by the notion of a “fear of the unknown”. Former Maigret star Rupert Davies acted as host and appeared in some of them too.