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The Middle: Homecoming II: The Tailgate (ABC 11 Nov 2015 with Marsha Mason)



AIRDATE: Wednesday 11 November 2015 at 8.00pm on ABC

Season 7 Episode 7

Frankie is looking forward to taking part in the annual homecoming tailgate. But she begins to feel like the event will become an embarrassing disaster when her mom, Pat, decides to come out and join in the fun.

Meanwhile, with Axl down with a bad case of the stomach flu, Mike turns his attention to Brick to help him win the tailgate cornhole tournament trophy that has eluded him for so long, and Sue volunteers to be the class liaison for Homecoming at the event.

Regular Cast: Patricia Heaton as Frankie, Neil Flynn as Mike, Charlie McDermott as Axl, Eden Sher as Sue and Atticus Shaffer as Brick.

Guest Cast: Marsha Mason as Pat Spence, Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue, Sean O’Bryan as Ron Donahue, Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue, Julie Brown as Paula Norwood, Pat Finn as Bill Norwood, Chris Darga as Mr. Farrar, Nick Peine as burnout Tad and Josh Pafchek as burnout Mitch.

Written by Ilana Wernick and directed by Lee Shallat Chemel.



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