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The Miniaturist: Episode 2 (PBS Broadcast 16 Sep 2018)



Episode 2: Nella faces danger and turmoil as Johannes is accused by the Amsterdam authorities. Meanwhile, her relationship with the Miniaturist becomes ever more mysterious and disturbing.

Series Overview: Adapted from Jessie Burton’s internationally best-selling novel. In 1686, 18-year-old Nella Oortman (Anya Taylor-Joy, Split) arrives in Amsterdam to meet her wealthy merchant husband Johannes Brandt (Alex Hassell, Genius: Picasso), but is instead met by his sister Marin (Romola Garai, Churchill’s Secret). When Johannes appears, he presents her with a wedding gift: a cabinet that is a miniature replica of their home, to be furnished by an elusive Miniaturist, whose tiny creations mirror what is happening within the house in unexpected ways and seem to be predicting and unravelling the future with unsettling precision.

Original Airdate: 2017-12-27
PBS Airdate: Sunday 16 September 2018 at 9.00pm

Season 1, Episode 2

With: Paapa Essiedu, Alex Hassell, Anya Taylor-Joy, Romola Garai, Hayley Squires, Ziggy Heath, Sally Messham,