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The Name of the Game: The King of Denmark (S2EP20 NBC 20 Feb 1970, Joseph Cotten)



The King of Denmark: While doing research on the American theatre, Jeff Dillon and Peggy Maxwell interview a famous Shakespearean expert – Henry Worthington Raymond – and his wife Amelia. An Englishman, Steven Talbot, arrives seeking info about a missing girl, last seen in the company of the Rayners, and Peggy starts an investigation that endangers her life.

Susan Saint James as Peggy Maxwell
Anthony Franciosa as Jeff Dillon
Joseph Cotten as Henry Worthington Rayner
Margaret Leighton as Amelia
Noel Harrison as Steven Talbot
Louise Latham as Miss Digby
Norma Crane as Lorraine Dancy
Mark Allen as Hazelbrook

Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Anthony Skene

Airdate: 20 February 1970

Season 2, Episode 20