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The New Avengers: Angels of Death (S2EP2 ITV Fri 16 Sep 1977, with Caroline Munro)



Angels of Death: Senior civil servants, MPs, and intelligence personnel are all dying suddenly of “”natural causes,”” and there seems to be no obvious link. The only lead is the mortally-wounded agent who talks of angels of death that kill from within.

guest cast
Pamela Stephenson (Wendy), Caroline Munro (Tammy), Michael Latimer (Reresby), Lindsay Duncan (Jane), Moira Foot (Cindy), Dinsdale Landen (Coldstream)

Writer: Terence Feely & Brian Clemens
Director: Ernest Day

Airdate: Friday 16 September 1977 on ITV.

Season 2, Episode 2

Series: The New Avengers