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The New Avengers: Complex (S2EP10 ITV Fri 11 Nov 1977, with Cec Linder)



Complex: Agent X41 (codename “”Scapina””) is the USSR’s most effective spy. But a photograph has fallen into the hands of the Avengers which may give a clue to his identity. The trail leads the trio to Toronto.

The New Avengers moves to Toronto, Canada. The remaining four episodes would all be filmed there.

guest cast
Cec Linder (Baker), Harvey Atkin (Talbot), Vlasta Vrana (Karavitch), Rudy Lipp (Koshev), Jan RubeŇ° (Patlenko), Michael Ball (Cope), David Nichols (Greenwood), Suzette Couture (Miss Cummings), Gerald Crack (Berisford Holt),

Writer: Dennis Spooner
Director: Richard Gilbert

Airdate: Friday 11 November 1977 on ITV.

Season 2, Episode 10

Series: The New Avengers