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The New Avengers: Faces (S1EP9 ITV Fri 17 Dec 1976, with Michael Sheard)



Faces: A bizarre series of deaths of high-ups in the government becomes the business of Steed and his colleagues when a personal friend of his becomes one of the deceased. However, due to suspicion from the delicate nature of the case…apparently people are being duplicated by an unscrupulous firm…Steed, Purdey, and Gambit all go off on their own and make individual progress into the case. However, it seems that the situation is too far-reaching and confusing for each alone. They must work together and figure out quickly, who’s who and what’s what, before they themselves become the next targets.

guest cast
Michael Sheard (Peters), Donald Hewlett (Torrance), David de Keyser (Prator), Edward Petherbridge (Mullins), Neil Hallett (Clifford), Richard Leech (Craig), Annabel Leverton (Wendy), David Webb (Bilston), J.G. Devlin (Tramp), Jill Melford (Sheila)

Writers: Brian Clemens & Dennis Spooner
Director: James Hill

Airdate: Friday 17 December 1976 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 9

Series: The New Avengers