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The New Avengers: Obsession (S2EP5 ITV Fri 7 Oct 1977, with Martin Shaw, Lewis Collins)



Obsession: An old flame of Purdey’s reappears when a missile goes missing from an air display. But what’s the connection between that, a visiting Arab envoy, and a spy satellite photographing Buckinghamshire?

Famously main guest stars here Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw would go on to star in Clemens’ next show The Professionals.

guest cast
Lewis Collins (Kilner), Martin Shaw (Larry), Mark Kingston (General Canvey), Terence Longdon (Cmdr East), Lewis Collins (Kilner), Anthony Heaton (Morgan), Tommy Boyle (Wolach), Roy Purcell (Controller)

Writer: Brian Clemens
Director: Ernest Day

Airdate: Friday 7 October 1977 on ITV.

Season 2, Episode 5

Series: The New Avengers