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The New Avengers: Target! (S1EP6 ITV Fri 26 Nov 1976, with Malcolm Stoddard)



Target!: In an attempt to break Steed’s perfect shooting-range record, Purdey tackles the range with all her grace and skill. However, it’s not enough as she misses one tiny percentage and gets hit with a mark. But other agents begin to die who have performed similarly, and Steed and Gambit start putting the clues together and find that they must work fast to save their friend and colleague before she succumbs to a nasty poison.

guest cast
Malcolm Stoddard (George Myers), Deep Roy (Klokoe), Keith Barron (Draker), Robert Beatty (Ilenko), Roy Boyd (Bradshaw), Frederick Jaeger (Jones), John Paul (Kendrick), Bruce Purchase (Lopez), Dennis Blanch (Talmadge), Robert Tayman (Palmer)

Airdate: Friday 26 November 1976 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 6

Series: The New Avengers