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The New Avengers: The Last of the Cybernauts …?? (S1EP3 ITV Fri 5 Nov 1976, with Robert Lang)



The Last of the Cybernauts …??: When a double agent called Kane is horribly disfigured in a chase, he vows vengeance…and calls upon the powers of a force who has tangled with Steed and his associates twice before: the Cybernauts. Creations of a misguided and imbalanced scientist, Dr Armstrong, these metallic menaces in both their attempts were stopped by the suave Steed and the inimitable Mrs Peel. However, this time they are being manipulated by an even more malignant force, and Steed and his friends enter into great danger in an attempt to stop the Cybernauts one last time.

guest cast
Robert Lang (Kane), Oscar Quitak (Malov), Gwen Taylor (Dr. Marlow), Basil Hopkins (Professor Mason), Robert Gillespie (Goff), David Horovitch (Fitzroy), Sally Bazeky (Laura), Pearl Hackney (Mrs. Weir), Martin Fisk (Guard)

Writer: Brian Clemens
Director: Sidney Hayers

Airdate: Friday 5 November 1976 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 3

Series: The New Avengers