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The New Avengers: To Catch a Rat (S1EP7 ITV Fri 3 Dec 1976, with Ian Hendry)



To Catch a Rat: A strange message alerts Steed, Purdey, and Gambit to something strange going on. While Steed does his own research, Purdey and Gambit set out to help shed some light on the situation. However, the reality of the case is that due to a seventeen-year-old open case and a bout of amnesia, the legendary traitorous White Rat has at last begun to operate again. And Purdey is in imminent danger from her own romance.

Ian Henry played Dr. David Keel, the original partner of John Steed, in the very first season of The Avengers (1961/62),. Only one episode of the very different first season remains in existence.

guest cast
Ian Hendry (Irwin Gunner), Edward Judd (Cromwell), Robert Fleming (Quaintance), Barry Jackson (Cledge), Anthony Sharp (Grant), Jeremy Hawk (Finder), Jo Kendall (Nurse), Sally-Jane Spencer (Mother), Anita Graham (Helga), Dallas Cavell (Farmer), Jo Kendall (Nurse)

Writer: Terence Feeley
Director: James Hill

Airdate: Friday 3 December 1976 on ITV.

Season 1, Episode 7

Series: The New Avengers