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The Newsreader Season Finale airs Sun 19 Sep on ABC TV



The Newsreader Season Finale airs Sun 19 Sep on ABC TV

In the sixth and final episode of The Newsreader (8.30pm ABC TV), whilst Helen (Anna Torv) and Dale (Sam Ried) are still reeling at his revelation, alarming reports surface of a nuclear accident in Chernobyl.

As the newsroom scrambles to determine the nature of the meltdown, Helen and Dale are once more thrown together: under-slept and under-resourced, and under more pressure than ever. In the face of it all, they must confront who they really are – to each other, and to themselves.

Production credits: A Werner Films Production for the ABC. Major production investment from Screen Australia and the ABC and financed with support from Film Victoria. Worldwide distribution is managed by Entertainment One (eOne). Created by Michael Lucas. Directed by Emma Freeman. Produced by Lucas and Joanna Werner. Executive Producers Werner and Stuart Menzies. ABC Executive Producers Brett Sleigh and Sally Riley.

The Newsreader Season Finale airs Sunday 19 September at 8.30pm on ABC TV.