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The One Game: Saturday (S1EP2 ITV 11 Jun 1988, Kate McKenzi)



Saturday: An old enemy from the past has turned Nick’s life upside down. Now he’s playing The One Game, a reality game where anyone you meet could be friend or foe. Anyone. A pawn. With his life as the prize.

Regular Cast: Patrick Malahide (Magnus), Stephen Dillon (Nicholas Thorne), Philippa Haywood (Jenny Thorne), Kate McKenzie (Fay), David Mallinson (Tom Darke)

Guest Cast: Andrew Keir, Alex Norton, John Bowe, Kevin Corley, Terry Coates, Chris Chering, Ian Halcrow, Symond Lawes, Gavin Watson, Elaine Ford

Writer: John Brown / Creator: Tony Benet / Script Editor: Patrick Harbinson / Director: Mike Vardy

Airdate: 11 Jun 1988 on ITV

Series: The One Game Season 1 Episode 2

Show Info: Four part ITV fantasy thriller about a revenge seeking computer genius.