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The One Game: Sunday (S1EP3 ITV 18 Jun 1988, Andrew Keir)



Sunday: The stakes have been raised on The One Game. Nick has been imprisoned, shot at, fought sword battles, and found that every time his opponent is one step ahead. Magnus, his enemy. Formerly his best friend.

Regular Cast: Patrick Malahide (Magnus), Stephen Dillon (Nicholas Thorne), Philippa Haywood (Jenny Thorne), Kate McKenzie (Fay), David Mallinson (Tom Darke)

Guest Cast: Andrew Keir, John Bowe, Alex Norton, James Coyle, Mike Kemp, Tim Meats, Peter Sacker, Ralph Lawton, Gillian Andrews, Elaine Ford

Writer: John Brown / Creator: Tony Benet / Script Editor: Patrick Harbinson / Director: Mike Vardy

Airdate: 18 Jun 1988 on ITV

Series: The One Game Season 1 Episode 3

Show Info: Four part ITV fantasy thriller about a revenge seeking computer genius.