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The Paddy Raff Show Season 2 Premiere (BBC One NI Fri 28 Jan 2022)



Snobby socialite Nigel leaves BT9 and heads ‘up west’ for a date with an instagrammer from LA – will she share Nigel’s love of fine dining, foie gras and ramen?

Granny Raff and her man-friend Harry pay their respects at the wake of her next door neighbour, but tears are shed for something more than the dearly departed Phyllis.

The rocking and raving priest Father Pat tries to broaden his All-Request Mass appeal by becoming a videogamer – but an unplanned live confession is what ends up going viral.

And furloughed flight attendant Kara-Lynne dishes out her own brand of sass as the face ‘Fryinair’, Belfast’s newest pop-up restaurant serving airplane meals on the ground.

Airdate: Friday 28 January 2022 at 10.35pm on BBC One NI.

Season 2 Episode 1