The Pale Horse(Series Premiere BBC One Sun 9 Feb 2020)



2 part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s 1960’s novel premieres Sunday 9 Feb on BBC One.

A mysterious list of names is found in the shoe of a dead woman.

Antiques dealer Mark Easterbrook (Rufus Sewell) is determined to find out why his name is on the list, and his investigations lead him to the home of three spinsters, The Pale Horse in the village of Much Deeping.

As more deaths occur, Mark finds himself thinking the unthinkable. Could this all be the work of witchcraft, and is he himself cursed? Paranoia eats at Mark. Who wants him dead, and how can he save himself from the curse?

Pictured: Mark Easterbrook (Rufus Sewell), Hermia Easterbrook (Kaya Scodelario)

Sunday 9 February 2020 | 9.00pm-10.00pm | BBC ONE

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