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The Pallisers: Can You Forgive Her? (1) (S1EP1 BBC Two 19 Jan 1974, Roland Culver)



Can You Forgive Her? (1): We come in on a garden party at Gatherum Castle hosted by the Duke of Omnium. We are introduced to Glencora M’Cluskie and Plantagenet Palliser, both of whom are occupied with the person who currently holds their affections. Unfortunately, the obstacles to their achieving their goals include their station in life and their respective guardians. These guardians concoct a scheme to force them together and eventually to marriage. As the episode ends Plantagenet has adjusted to the situation, but has Glencora?

Regular Cast: Susan Hampshire (Glencora), Philip Latham (Plantagenet)

Guest Cast: Roland Culver (Duke of Omnium), Donald Pickering (Dolly Longstaffe), Barry Justice (Burgo Fitzgerald), Caroline Mortimer (Anna Vavasor), John Nettleton, Kenneth Benda, Gary Watson, Rachel Herbert, Fabia Drake, Sonia Dresdel, Edith Saville, Lynn Smith

Writer: Simon Raven / Novels: Anthony Trollope / Director: Hugh David

Airdate: 19 Jan 1974 on BBC Two

Series: The Pallisers Season 1 Episode 1

Show Info: Period drama series. The lives of various members of the wealthy Palliser family in Victorian times.