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The Pallisers: The Duke’s Children (1) (S1EP25 BBC Two 26 Oct 1974, Anthony Andrews)



The Duke’s Children (1): Silverbridge is bringing the Boncassen’s to tea. We are allowed to enjoy a mystifying explanation of the British caste system. Glencora has a razor insight as to why her son has chosen to run, and win, as a Conservative. Mary admits to her mother her love for Frank. Remembering her past, Glencora vows to let all of her children follow their hearts. A walk in the same ruined church where Glencora caught a chill, to avoid spending Christmas in the same house as Burgo Fitzgerald, finds an important discussion between her and Plantagenet brought up short by a fit of coughing. Silverbridge wants to drop his friendship with Major Tifto, his father tells him to let him down easily, but, when Tifto, drunkenly, dares him to bet big, he lays down 40,000 pounds on the Prime Minister, their horse. The horse goes lame before the race even begins, but Silver’s money is still forfeit. It is likely that Tifto nobbled the horse to make more money then he possibly could have on bets.

Regular Cast: Susan Hampshire (Glencora), Philip Latham (Plantagenet)

Guest Cast: Anthony Andrews (Earl of Silverbridge), Kate Nicholls (Lady Mary), Jeremy Irons (Frank Tregear), Barbara Murray (Marie Goestler), Maurice Quick (Collingwood), Donald Pickering (Dolly Longstaffe), Jerry Stovin, Eileen Erskine, Lynne Frederick, Basil Dignam, John Ringham, Anna Carteret, Michael Cochrane, Josie Kidd

Writer: Simon Raven / Novels: Anthony Trollope / Director: Ronald Wilson

Airdate: 26 Oct 1974 on BBC Two

Series: The Pallisers Season 1 Episode 25

Show Info: Period drama series. The lives of various members of the wealthy Palliser family in Victorian times.