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The Pallisers: The Prime Minister (2) (S1EP21 BBC Two 8 Jun 1974, David Ryall)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Prime Minister (2): We open at a reception where we see that it will be Glencora’s ability that keeps the coalition together by smoothing over any feelings that Platagenet’s natural indifference may ruffle. Silverbridge (the son) is to be sent on the grand tour of the continent, but before then his friend Frank’s stay is cut short when it is found that he is paying too much attention to Mary. Lopez charms Glencora into assisting him in his plans. She even hints that that Silverbridge (the seat in the House of Commons)may come his way. Sir Orlando Drought, the main Conservative in Plantagenet’s coalition, begins to push for his own plans. He, later, asks to have his nephew given the seat at Silverbridge. The Duke refuses outright. When Glencora asks the same for Lopez he again refuses. She circumvents him by going directly to Mr Sprout (one of the prominent men in Silverbridge) which, only makes things worse.

Regular Cast: Susan Hampshire (Glencora), Philip Latham (Plantagenet)

Guest Cast: Donald Pickering (Dolly Longstaffe), Barbara Murray (Marie Goestler), Moray Watson (Barrington Erle), Roger Livesey (Duke of St Bungay), Anthony Andrews (Earl of Silverbridge), Bryan Pringle (Mr Monk), Jeremy Irons (Frank Tregear), Joyce Jarvis, Stuart Wilson, Basil Dignam, Patrick Harvey, Sheila Keith, David Ryall, Brewster Mason, Sheila Ruskin, Gareth Forwood, Nancy Adams, Brian Tully

Writer: Simon Raven / Novels: Anthony Trollope / Director: Ronald Wilson

Airdate: 8 Jun 1974 on BBC Two

Series: The Pallisers Season 1 Episode 21

Show Info: Period drama series. The lives of various members of the wealthy Palliser family in Victorian times.