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The Pallisers: The Prime Minister (3) (S1EP22 BBC Two 15 Jun 1974, Clifford Rose)



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The Prime Minister (3): We come in on the Lopez’s honeymoon in Rome. At the same time Silverbridge and Tregear are in Venice where they meet Lady Mabel Grex and Miss Cassewary. Ferdinand begins to show his true colors as he presses Emily for money. Her father comes through and Lopez thinks that he now has free access to all her fathers wealth. Plantagenet rebels and asks that no more people be invited to Gatherum. Reluctantly, at first, Glencora agrees Lopez returns to find that his ready seat in Parliament is not so ready. In fact, he gets trounced as the seat goes to the Conservatives. Once again he turns to Mr Wharton for money, and receives it. He, then, tries to get more money from the Duke, who feels duty bound to pay it. The Duke is aware that this will be open to the most base of interpretations, but, his love for Glencora obligates him to pay. Silverbridge’s family visit him in Venice where Mary and Frank are thrown together again. All of Lopez’s business ventures are failing.

Regular Cast: Susan Hampshire (Glencora), Philip Latham (Plantagenet)

Guest Cast: Barbara Murray (Marie Goestler), Donal McCann (Phineas Finn), Anthony Andrews (Earl of Silverbridge), Jeremy Irons (Frank Tregear), Roger Livesey (Duke of St Bungay), Kate Nicholls (Lady Mary), Clifford Rose (Quintus Slide), Stuart Wilson, Sheila Ruskin, Brewster Mason, Brian Tully, Anna Carteret, Josie Kidd, Michael Cochrane, David Ryall, Peter Vaughan

Writer: Simon Raven / Novels: Anthony Trollope / Director: Ronald Wilson

Airdate: 15 Jun 1974 on BBC Two

Series: The Pallisers Season 1 Episode 22

Show Info: Period drama series. The lives of various members of the wealthy Palliser family in Victorian times.