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The Pallisers: The Prime Minister (4) (S1EP23 BBC Two 22 Jun 1974, Anna Carteret)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Prime Minister (4): Plantagenet has worries aplenty in the form of resignations and scandal. Phineas is named the First Lord of the Admiralty and his wife will accompany him on his tour of the Navy, taking away Glencora’s most loyal confidant. She insists that she take the blame for the troubles over Mr Lopez, but Plantagenet refuses absolutely. In an attempt to extort 20,000 pounds from her father Lopez threatens to take Emily to Guatemala, and away from her family. Wharton agrees to settle all debts and set up Lopez in a new career on the condition that he leaves, alone, for Guatemala, and never returns. Lopez agrees. This leads to an exquisitely acted scene between Lopez and his wife, with delicious recriminations all round. Silverbridge returns from Italy and agrees to go into politics, as a Conservative! Glencora insists that he keep this a secret from his father. As the scandal deepens Plantagenet’s friends and allies, including Phineas, return to London and rally round him.

Regular Cast: Susan Hampshire (Glencora), Philip Latham (Plantagenet)

Guest Cast: Roger Livesey (Duke of St Bungay), Maurice Quick (Collingwood), Clifford Rose (Quintus Slide), Barbara Murray (Marie Goestler), Anthony Andrews (Earl of Silverbridge), Kate Nicholls (Lady Mary), Moray Watson (Barrington Erle), Bryan Pringle (Mr Monk), Donal McCann (Phineas Finn), Donald Pickering (Dolly Longstaffe), Stuart Wilson, David Ryall, Brewster Mason, Sheila Ruskin, Angus Mackay, Anna Carteret, Basil Dignam, George Raistrick, Hilary Wontner, Desmond Llewelyn, Jeffrey Segal, Lorna Edwards, Michael Spice

Writer: Simon Raven / Novels: Anthony Trollope / Director: Ronald Wilson

Airdate: 22 Jun 1974 on BBC Two

Series: The Pallisers Season 1 Episode 23

Show Info: Period drama series. The lives of various members of the wealthy Palliser family in Victorian times.