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The Persuaders!: Overture (Series Premiere 17 Sep 1971 on ITV)



Overture: A retired judge who regrets those criminals he had to let get away arranges for Brett and Danny to meet, and then gets them arrested so that they have the choice of either helping him out in his fight against crime or staying in jail. Their first assignment is to locate an heiress by her heart-shaped birthmark.

Tony Curtis as Danny Wilde
Roger Moore as Lord Brett Sinclair
Laurence Naismith as Judge Fulton
Imogen Hassall as Maria
Alex Scott as Coley
Michael Godfrey as Dupont
Bruno Barnabe as Maitre de
Neal Arden as Inspector Flavel
John Acheson as Triver

Airdate: 17 September 1971

Season 1, Episode 1