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The Power Game Patrick Wymark as Sir John Wilder flanked by the two women in his life. His wife Pamela (played by Barbara Murray) and his mistress Susan Weldon (Rosemary Leach) The Power Game Patrick Wymark as Sir John Wilder flanked by the two women in his life. His wife Pamela (played by Barbara Murray) and his mistress Susan Weldon (Rosemary Leach)


The Power Game: Grounds For Decision (ITV 11 Oct 1966, with George Sewell)



In Grounds For Decision, Don Henderson finds himself caught in the middle when Caswell (who as Chairman of the Export Board is having to take something of a back seat at Blighs) wants him to ensure that a potential new deal for NATO goes Bligh’s way. Caswell offers Don a sizeable carrot in the shape of ensuring that he gets a joint managing directorship if he can persuade Wilder to see things his way. It’s a strong deal and there should be no reason why Sir John would not want to do it apart from the fact that Pamela’s former lover Frank Hagadan is also heavily involved.

Frank and Pamela find themselves inadvertently meeting when Don is late to a meeting with Justine (she is showing him a potential new apartment to move into), Don asks Pamela to go in his stead but Justine has also arranged for Hagadan to be there. Wilder discovers that Pamela met Hagadan there and in his typically hypocritical fashion is not happy about the situation. It’s clearly more than ok in his eyes to have a blatant long standing affair with Susan Weldon but not ok for his wife to show an interest in another man.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast 3 October 1966 at 8.00pm

Writer: Raymond Bowers / Production Design: Vic Symonds / Director: David Reid

Series: The Power Game Season 2, Episode 3

Patrick Wymark as John Wilder
Clifford Evans as Caswell Bligh
Peter Barkworth as Kenneth Bligh
Jack Watling as Don Henderson
Barbara Murray as Pamela Wilder
Rosemary Leach as Susan Weldon
Norma Ronald as Miss Lingard
George Sewell as Frank Hagadan
Rachel Herbert as Justine Bligh
Michael Lees as Basil Simpson
Jocelyn Birdsall as Stewardess

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