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The Power Game: Persons and Papers (ITV 14 Feb 1966, with Ralph Michael)



The Power Game Patrick Wymark as Sir John Wilder flanked by the two women in his life. His wife Pamela (played by Barbara Murray) and his mistress Susan Weldon (Rosemary Leach)

In Persons and Papers, Sir John has decided (after initially being against the idea) to go for the M27 contract. He still thinks Blighs cannot manage the project on it’s own and wants to bring in their chief competitor, Infells, as a partner. Of course the opposition might not be as keen on the idea.

At the meeting to discuss the possible partnership Sir John is more than a little put out to discover that Frank Hagadan, the man who was having an affair with his wife, is now the project manager for the opposition. As far as Wilder knew, Hagadan was still working in Africa whence he had been banished following the affair. It’s also clear Hagadan is looking to score points against Wilder.

Wilder is adamant that the partnership won’t go ahead whilst Hagadan is involved, Frank Bligh is adamant it will.

Meanwhile Susan Wilder is being given a hard time by Sefton Kemp, one of the new high ups on the export board, over possible security breaches involving her affair with Sir John.

A nice continuation of the Hagadan-Wilder storyline, Pamela shows her true loyalty to John by meeting Hagadan once more to make it clear there can never be anything more between them. It’s the catalyst for Hagadan deciding that he should return to Italy where his career was based before getting involved with Blighs.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 14 February 1966 at 8.00pm

Writer: Peter Draper / Production Design: Trevor Paterson / Director: David Reid

Series: The Power Game Season 1, Episode 10

Patrick Wymark as John Wilder
Barbara Murray as Pamela Wilder
Rosemary Leach as Susan Weldon
Peter Barkworth as Kenneth Bligh
Clifford Evans as Caswell Bligh
Jack Watling as Don Henderson
Ian Holm as Sefton Kemp
Ralph Michael as Gillingham
George Sewell as Frank Hagadan
Benjamin Whitrow as Customs man
Mary Griffiths as Betty
Alan Gerrard as Bill Clavering
Rachel Herber as Justine Bligh
Peter Hager as Sam Bell
Norma Ronald as Miss Lingard