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The Power Game: The Switch (ITV 24 Jan 1966, with Alfred Burke)



The Power Game Patrick Wymark as Sir John Wilder flanked by the two women in his life. His wife Pamela (played by Barbara Murray) and his mistress Susan Weldon (Rosemary Leach)

In The Switch Wilder wants to take over Pantons, a heavy machinery firm owned by Joe Panton a long time friend of the Blighs. Kenneth comes up with a scheme to stop the takeover and at the same time get the go ahead on a pet project of his own.

The Television Weekly of 22 Jan 1966 had short pieces on both Clifford Evans and guest star Alfred Burke. The Clifford Evans article talked about why he had previously shied away from series but was drawn in by the depth of this series. Meanwhile Alfred Burke was also on TV in The Avengers on the Saturday Night. The article touched briefly on the beard he had grown for a Shakespearian role and gearing up for another run of the fabulous Public Eye.

classic quote
Kenneth Bligh: Wilder’s a member of the National Export Board. He’s supposed to be encouraging confidence in British firms, not buying foreign.

production details
UK / ITV – ATV / 1×50 minute episode / Broadcast Monday 22 January 1966 at 8.00pm

Writer: Edmund Ward / Director: David Reid

Series: The Power Game Season 1, Episode 7

Patrick Wymark as John Wilder
Barbara Murray as Pamela Wilder
Rosemary Leach as Susan Weldon
Peter Barkworth as Kenneth Bligh
Clifford Evans as Caswell Bligh
Jack Watling as Don Henderson
Alfred Burke as Joe Panton
James Maxwell as Colin Townley
Philip Madoc as Ted Newark
Fred McNaughton as Bisset
Peggy Sinclair as Jane Redvers
Claire Maine as Telephonist
Frank Mills as Waiter