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The Rap Game UK: Episode 2 (S4EP2 BBC Three Thurs 18 August 2022)



As the artists learn their pairings for the venerable clash challenge, their misery is put to an end. The pressure of having to prepare for it in 24 hours is increased when they learn they will be performing in front of an audience. The three clashes are closely contested, with some major twists and even some unexpected victories, with Lethal Bizzle adjudicating. Guest mentor Nolay helps them prepare.

The second challenge takes a different tack. Target, Krept, and Konan are eager to delve a little deeper into the artists’ identities by asking them what it means to them to be British.

Topics like heritage, class, racism and even the government are all covered in an intense performance day, presided over by guest mentor, Jaykae at Manchester’s Victoria Baths. One artist in particular blows the others away and gains top spot in the rankings, whilst another is left unimpressed with their bottom placing.

Airdate: Thurs 18 August 2022 at 21:00 on BBC Three

Season 4 Episode 2

In The Rap Game UK, 5 aspiring British MCs move into a residential recording studio to spend 30 days together, writing, performing and ultimately competing to prove that they’re the next rap superstar.

Reflecting the new wave of British rap-influenced music that’s conquering the charts, the series follows the MCs as in every episode, they write, practice and perform a new track. All the while, they are being trained, mentored and given a crash course in the music business by some of the UK’s biggest rap names.