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The Real Love Boat Australia Premieres Wednesday 5 October on 10



Australia’s most eligible singles—from identical twins to a self-described “awkward dater and bad flirt”—are about to set sail on the love voyage of a lifetime in search of a fairytale conclusion.

The Princess Cruises vessel Regal Princess will set sail as The Real Love Boat, with love blossoming through the waters of Montenegro, Spain, Greece, France, Italy, and Greece.

Host Darren McMullen, Cruise Director Hannah Ferrier, Head of Entertainment Daniel Doody, and Princess Cruises’ Captain Paolo Arrigo will be onboard to guide our hopefuls on their quest to true love.

Only one couple can make it to the final port. Who will drop anchor and who will abandon ship?

Meet the cast of The Real Love Boat Australia

Ben Milne

39, Queensland

After spending many years overseas, Ben has returned to Queensland, and is now on the search for love.

A wellbeing coach and speaker, he is no stranger to good conversation, and is looking for a partner with ambition, confidence, and someone who is comfortable in her own skin and can laugh at herself.

Ben has been in long term relationships in the past, and is looking to board The Real Love Boat for an experience like no other.

Ben thinks he can offer his potential partner fun times, adventure and loyalty, but fears his honesty may deter his dates. He says, “what you see is what you get!” when referring to his personality. Ben is looking for a partner to enjoy life’s simple pleasures with.

Will he find his match on The Real Love Boat?

Chelsea Murray

28, Queensland

Chelsea, who owns her own hairdresser salon, grew up in Adelaide but has been in Brisbane for the last three years. She is quirky, fun, non-judgemental and is looking for her soul mate.

She is hoping to board The Real Love Boat, as she loves spontaneous adventures and was struggling to find someone who was likeminded, but also had emotional intelligence and depth.

Chelsea believes she has a lot to offer a potential partner. She is understanding, caring and giving. She says the right person who is emotionally mature enough to be able to accept that kind of love will be treated like a king, but it must be vice-versa.

Chris Antos

29, Australian Capital Territory

Born and raised in Canberra, Chris describes himself as fun, hardworking, cheeky, flirty, and caring. He believes he is in the stage of his life where he is ready to find love and make a commitment to someone. He has recently purchased his first home, has a beautiful dog, and would love to share his life with a partner.

Chris is a director of his real estate agency. For a while, he has prioritised his career, which he believes is the reason he’s still single and why his last relationship ended. He can be a workaholic at times.

Chris identifies as bisexual, and he finds that he struggles to put himself out there as he is worried about how a potential partner will take this information. To avoid the possible rejection, he says he just doesn’t try. Will he board The Real Love Boat with a change of approach?

Courtney Justin

25, Victoria

Courtney, a hospitality duty manager, grew up in Victoria and is ready to find love and anchor down.

Courtney is hoping to find someone who wants the same things in life as her, such as a house, marriage, and children. She is eager to go through all the ups and downs in life together in a partnership, and she says no mountain is too big for her to move for her potential suitor.

Although she can be stubborn, she has a kind, sensitive soul and knows how to have a fun time! Courtney is also a massive dog lover and describes herself as a big empath.

Will The Real Love Boat help her find her perfect person?

Dalton Ford

27, Queensland

Dalton is still trying to find that one special connection and is hoping The Real Love Boat will hold his true love.

He believes he has a lot to offer a potential partner, including being loving, caring, and supportive in all aspects of life. With his charming and positive demeanour, Dalton can also be a bit cheeky, and will always bring you home (too many) donuts when you are having a bad day!

Dalton says his dream date would have an amazing beach view, while watching the sun go down, while enjoying good music and a bottle of sparkling. Will he have the chance to do this on The Real Love Boat?

Daniel Goodburn

25, Queensland

Daniel is a sales territory manager from the Gold Coast and is on the search for true love.

He describes himself as loyal, honest, funny, energetic and kind, and he is looking for someone who holds similar qualities. He would love a partner who is driven, patient and family oriented.

Daniel has been in two relationships in the past, and he is ready for the next stage in his love life. He feels he has a lot to offer a potential partner, including the services of being a big and tall man. He can reach things in high places, is a go-to jar opener and can break out into spontaneous interpretive dance routines.

He is turned off by rudeness, those that act entitled and “those people that just generally make you want to stick a fork in your eye.”

Daniel is boarding The Real Love Boat for the experience of a lifetime, and to find lasting love.

Harley Anderson

23, Queensland

Harley is a positive, humble and caring person from Echucha, Victoria. He is multi-skilled across his occupations of personal training, being a physiotherapist assistant and a finance broker. Harley and his twin brother, Jesse, have signed up for The Real Love Boat for a once in a lifetime opportunity to find love.

Although Harley has been in a previous long-term relationship, he is ready to open a new chapter in his life. He is willing to do anything to make his potential partner happy, and one of his most important values is respect.

Will Harley find love?

Jack Kane

34, New South Wales

Jack is a 34-year-old carpenter who is ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime.

He has opened and closed a few chapters in his life – from growing up in the UK, moving to Australia, falling in love with previous partners, and now setting sail on The Real Love Boat. He has chosen to remain single following past relationships but is now ready to board and find his perfect match.

Jack has a lot to give a potential partner, and he says he can offer them real love and a lot of honesty.

Will Jack sink or swim into love?

Jay Bonnell

30, New South Wales

Jay is ready to make the next step in his love life. A single dad of a young daughter, Jay is a business owner living in Wollongong and is originally from Campbelltown in Sydney’s West.

He thinks he has lots to offer his potential partner and is looking for someone with the qualities he also sees in himself. He loves a confident person, and someone who is sentimental, determined, adventurous and fun.

He puts it simply down to timing on why he is still single, but he thinks his soft, loving side makes him the ultimate catch for an interested lady.

Jay is looking to board The Real Love Boat to find his perfect match, and to experience the journey of a lifetime.

Jesse Anderson

23, Victoria

Jesse is a carpenter, who was born in Melbourne and moved to country Victoria where he currently resides.

Along with his twin brother Harley, Jesse is hoping to board The Real Love Boat to try and find love, as well as to experience something adventurous.

Jesse says it is hard to find love in a small town but he is ready to take the big leap to find his match. He looks for particular qualities in a potential partner, such as respect, care and kindness, and is attracted to someone who treats everyone equally.

He is looking forward to being pushed out of his comfort zone, but will he sink or swim?

Josh Hack

28, New South Wales

Josh, an adventure coordinator from Tweed Heads, is looking to board The Real Love Boat to find true love.

He thinks the ultimate catch is super cute, playful, funny, and lovable. He also is attracted to women who are big foodies and have good taste in music.

Josh has a confident and daring personality, and his dream date would be something adventurous, anything with yummy food, or any art-like activity. However, he does fear his high energy personality traits may make a potential partner run the other way.

Josh knows what he wants and deserves in a relationship, and says he is still single as he is very picky. He is hoping The Real Love Boat will help him find his perfect bold and fun match!

Katie Langford

25, Queensland

Katie, an event coordinator who has grown up in the areas of Rockhampton and Yeppoon, is joining The Real Love Boat as she thought it would be an exciting way to meet new people.

Katie feels she has a lot to offer her potential partner, from support, to laughs and fun times. Although she is direct, she is caring, and is ready for the next stage in her love life.

She is outgoing, bubbly, friendly, goofy and down to earth. She knows what she wants in a partner, as well as her turn offs. She does not value arrogance, a lack of intentions, liars and those who are not supportive. She is ready to find her perfect partner – to make the ultimate team.

Keanu Moore

26, New South Wales

Keanu is ready to make some memories and find love. A disability support worker, Keanu is patient, charming and a little bit cheeky. He grew up in Tamworth, but now lives in Newcastle, New South Wales.

He is always up for a good time, and his perfect partner will be able to give and take banter and won’t be “boring”!

Although he is committed when in a relationship, Keanu says he still loves receiving attention from other girls, which he thinks might make his potential partner run the other way.

Keanu has been in love once, and describes it as a nice, warm but weird feeling. Will he experience this love again onboard The Real Love Boat?

Mikaila Norman

23, Queensland

Mikaila was born and raised in the Whitsundays, Queensland, and now lives on the Gold Coast. She is independent, driven, adventurous, loyal and kind, and she is looking to find the perfect other half to match this.

Mikaila thinks she is still single as she just hasn’t settled yet, but also, she is confident in what she is looking for now. She has to feel 100% in the relationship, and she feels she hasn’t found the man that is “IT” yet.

She believes she can offer care and empathy to a future partner, and she is passionate about uplifting them, and challenging them.

She can be quite outspoken, and she hopes this doesn’t turn any men off. But she refuses to tolerate any foolishness.

Moana Berryman

26, Queensland

Moana is ready to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to find love.

Although her celebrity crush is Chris Hemsworth, Moana-Nui is looking for any man who is true to themselves 100% of the time, someone who is nice, respectful and wants to treat their partner like a queen!

Moana is someone that always wants her partner to be the best version of themselves, and she feels like she can elevate them to feel at their greatest.

She says she is single as she needed to find herself again and build a better foundation for her life, before giving her love to someone else. She is ready for her next step in her life and is excited to find her perfect match on The Real Love Boat.

Naomi Tibbles

28, Queensland

Naomi, a bold and courageous psychology student, grew up in the Western Suburbs of Sydney and now lives on the Gold Coast. She is chasing romance and is hoping some love can bloom on The Real Love Boat.

She is looking for someone that holds qualities similar to her own values, which include honesty, a great amount of communication, loyalty and adventure. Her perfect match will likely be silly sometimes, and will be into self-development.

Naomi feels she has a lot to offer her potential partner, and says any man would be happier with a little Naomi in their life!

Paddy Hughes

27, New South Wales

Paddy, originally from Bondi Beach, is a chef and ready to cook up some love!

He is creative, enthusiastic, and says he can offer emotional maturity and communication in a relationship. Paddy has been in love before, and explains that it is the most incredible and powerful feeling that can do great things to people. Will he find it again on The Real Love Boat?

Paddy is passionate about finding balance in life. He can take care of himself, but also understands his potential partner’s needs and desires. He says he comes with a positive, uplifting, motivating and supportive mind-state – plus who doesn’t want their own personal chef?!

Paul Antoine

28, Western Australia

Paul is originally from France. He was born in Nice and then grew up in a smaller town called Villefranche sur Mer.

He is looking to join The Real Love Boat as he has a taste for adventure and experiencing new things. He is excited to see if he can make a strong connection and find true love.

In a potential partner, Paul looks for certain qualities, but what is most important to him is a down to earth nature, and someone who is beautiful on the inside and out. He is attracted to authenticity, and people with warm personalities.

Paul is clean and organised, is a great cook, and can speak French – but is this enough to find his perfect match?

Sally Geach

31, Western Australia

Sally, a Perth local, is a bridal designer who is ready to take the big leap into love! A single mum, she puts her family first, and is looking to find her gentle and loyal match.

She enjoys peace and time to herself, which she does put down to why she could be still single. She has not found the right guy following her previous relationship, as she keeps strong to her deal breakers. Her potential suitor needs to be good with kids, must be trustworthy and should never speak down to her. Sally is very confident in who she is and is a strong woman and mum.

Sally is hoping to find her other half on board, whether that be through dream destination dates or love at first sight!

Sari Thaiday

24, Queensland

Sari is all about living while you’re young and being in the moment. She is confident, direct, and strives to take every opportunity that she can.

In a partner, she is looking for someone who puts family first, is politically driven and is caring. She believes she is still single as she knows what she wants in a relationship. She is strong minded and passionate and hopes her big mouth doesn’t deter a potential suitor!

Although Sari has not been in love before, she is in love with the idea of love, and she is hoping The Real Love Boat will help her find it!

Tyler Grayling

23, New South Wales

Tyler is an accomplished business strategist from Sydney. She describes herself as “chronically single” and is very much looking to mingle as she has never been on a date. But will this change on The Real Love Boat?

Tyler is high energy, and she says she is dorky and loud. She is hoping to find someone to match her vibe, through dream dates such as mini-golf or go-karting. She fears her talkative nature and inexperience in dating will deter others from falling for her, but she hopes her fun personality will overshadow this.

She thinks she is the ultimate catch, not only is she intelligent and entertaining, but she just knows her potential suitor’s mum will love her!

Airdate: Wednesday 5 October 2022 at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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