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The Repair Shop: Episode 54 (S2021EP54 BBC One Thurs 25 Nov 2021)



Jay Blades and the team bring three treasured family heirlooms, and the memories they hold, back to life.

Janice Monty and her daughter Nicole from Merseyside are first to arrive, with a pair of tap shoes. These crushed and cracked treasures were recently unearthed in a garage, and the ladies are hoping that cobbler Dean Westmoreland can breathe new life into them. The white leather shoes belonged to Janice’s mother-in-law, Rita, who was an accomplished professional dancer in her heyday. She performed in music halls and palladiums all over the UK, dancing in chorus lines and touring with the big names of the day, but the years in the garage have taken their toll on her well-worn shoes. Dean jumps at the chance to preserve these precious, fragile items for the family to cherish for many years to come.

Silversmith Brenton West is ready and waiting for Diane Vaughan, who delivers her late grandmother’s silver purse. It was a wedding present from her fiancé, Diane’s grandfather, and she carried it up the aisle on their special day in 1929. The ornate clasped purse is cherished by the family, as it is a symbol of a long and loving marriage of a much-missed couple. But it is now dented and tarnished, and the hinges and clasp are broken. Brenton knows these items are notoriously difficult to repair, but with Susie Fletcher’s help on the leather lining, he is confident he can return it resplendent.

And Beverley Swain visits the barn with an item that conjures up wonderful memories of her late father. She is keen for the master of all things mechanical, Steve Fletcher, to see if he can get a magician’s table back to its old tricks!

Airdate: Thurs 25 Nov 2021 at 16:30 on BBC One

Season 2021 Episode 54

The Repair Shop is a workshop of dreams, where broken or damaged cherished family heirlooms are brought back to life.

Furniture restorers, horologists, metal workers, ceramicists, upholsterers and all manner of skilled craftsmen and women have been brought together to work in one extraordinary space, restoring much-loved possessions to their former glory.

Many of these items have incredible stories behind them and a unique place in history: from an accordion played in the Blitz by a woman who is now in her 90s, to a beautifully crafted clock made by a father who was completely blind; a Pinball machine that is currently being used as a kitchen counter, and a Davenport desk with its trademark fake drawers which fooled burglars – and their crowbar.

The Repair Shop is an antidote to our throwaway culture and shines a light on the wonderful treasures to be found in homes across the country.