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The Repair Shop: Episode 9 (BBC One Wednesday 13 September 2023)



The Repair Shop

The Repair Shop: Episode 9 airs Wednesday 13 September 2023 on BBC One.

What is this episode about

An ex-professional goalkeeper walks into the barn with a football programme from a pivotal game he played in back in the year 1970. After Brazil won the World Cup, Peter Grotier was on the West Ham squad that travelled to New York to play an exhibition game against Santos. Peter’s team included one of his heroes, Sir Bobby Moore, and they were playing against another, Pele. Peter was thrilled when Pele agreed to sign his game programme after the match. Peter has moved several times, taking the programme with him each time. Angelina Bakalarou, a paper conservator, faces the difficult task of restoring the programme without destroying Pele’s priceless signature.

Debbie comes next, accompanied by a secret soulmate she’s kept hidden all her life. Debbie’s father died when she was 12 years old, and the teddy bear she had been given at birth and named McNem for reasons no one can remember helped ease her grief. She has come to rely even more on the teddy bear in recent years due to her own health problems. Julie Tatchell and Amanda Middleditch, who work to restore damaged toys, recognise the urgency of fixing McNem, a stuffed animal with almost no fur, a crooked leg, and holes in his feet.

Alex, a music major, brings his electric guitar to luthier Julyan Wallis because the neck is cracked. Alex’s first instrument was a guitar he purchased with money he had saved from his birthday and Christmas presents when he was 14 years old. Alex suffered from anxiety while in lockdown and the guitar was a welcome distraction from his isolation. He was carrying his guitar on his back when he took a tumble, shattering it so badly that he fears it is beyond repair. Julyan, who can empathise with Alex’s anguish, immediately gets to work reassembling Alex’s indispensable soulmate.


Gordon and Kelly, a father and daughter, stop by the barn at the end of the day with a military relic that requires Brenton West’s silversmithing skills. Gordon has brought a medal with him from his time spent serving in the military in both the Middle East and Germany. At the age of eighteen, he made the journey from Barbados to Britain, where he enlisted in the British Army. Kelly is extremely proud of her father’s bravery, and Brenton treats the repair of the medal with the awe it deserves with the help of Amanda Middleditch, who restores the ribbon.

Series 12 Episode 9 of 14

When can we see the episode

The Repair Shop: Episode 9 airs Wednesday 13 September 2023 at 8:00pm on BBC One

Featured Image Credit: BBC One


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