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The Rising Season Finale (Sky Showcase Friday 10 June 2022)



Everything comes to a head at Keaton Hall in the season finale, and Neve and Alex must fight their way back to each other while the net closes in on Neve’s killer. Family ties are tested, and old secrets are revealed, but Neve is determined to see justice done.

Neve Kelly is dead. She is stuck in limbo and must find out who killed her. This adaptation of the mystery series Beau Séjour impresses on account of its young cast and the breath-taking landscapes of England’s Lake District.

Cast: Clara Rugaard (Neve Kelly), Solly McLeod (Joseph Wyatt), Nenda Neururer (Alex Wyatt), Matthew McNulty, Emily Taaffe (Maria), Nicholas Gleaves

Airdate: Friday 10 June 2022 at 9.00pm on Sky Showcase.

Season 1 Episode 8