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The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: The Absent-Minded Coterie (S2EP5 ITV 26 Feb 1973, Charles Gray)



The Absent-Minded Coterie: Valmont has to help break a ring of counterfeiters.

Cast: Charles Gray (Valmont), Suzanne Neve (Miss Mackail), Barry Linehan (Inspector Hale), George Howe (Lord Semptam), Jerold Wells (Phelps), Thick Wilson (Joe), Derek Tansley (Colonel), Keith Dalton (Newsboy), Dennis Clinton (Summertrees), Ronnie Masterson (Housekeeper), David Battley (Podgers), Stuart Sherwin (Sergeant Carew), Stella Courtney (Shop Assistant), Anthony Allen (Rogers), Michael Goldie (Fred), Roger Bizley (Gauntlet), George Moon (Cabbie)

Writer: Alexander Baron / Story: Robert Barr / Producer: Reginald Collin / Director: Peter Duguid

Original Airdate: 26 Feb 1973 on ITV
Series: The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Season 2 Episode 5