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The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: The Horse of the Invisible (S1EP5 ITV 18 Oct 1971, Donald Pleasence)



The Horse of the Invisible: Carnacki solves the case of an invisible horse that is haunting a family of the eve of a wedding.

Cast: Donald Pleasence (Carnacki), Tony Steedman (Captain Hisgins), Michele Dotrice (Mary Hisgins), Michael Johnson (Charles Beaumont), Geoffrey Whitehead (Harry Parsket), Aimee Delamain (Miss Hisgins), Arthur White (March), David Millett (Footman)

Writer: Philip Mackie / Director: Alan Cooke

Original Airdate: 18 Oct 1971 on ITV
Series: The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Season 1 Episode 5