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The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: The Looting of the Species Room (S2EP12 ITV 16 Apr 1973, Ronald Fraser)



The Looting of the Species Room: Gold disappears from the strongroom of the RMS Oceanic and its purser, Mr Horrocks, tries to discover what has happened.

Cast: Ronald Fraser (Mr Horrocks), Jean Marsh (Mrs Vanrenen), Norman Bird (Inspector Trent), Stephen Yardley (First Officer Clayton), Michael Cashman (Assitant Purser Robbins), Douglas Blackwell (Taylor), John Barcroft (Gaylord), John Sterland (Shipping Clerk), Edward Dentith (Sir Edward Markham), Annette Kerr (Mrs Pallin), Paul Hardwick (Lord Altington), John Tordoff (Fox), Lindsay Campbell (Captain Handmay), John Dawson (Jacobs), Melanie Jane (Mrs Clayton), Bill Herbert (Third Officer)

Writer: Ian Kennedy Martin / Story: C. J. Catcliffe Hyne / Producer ands Director: Jonathan Alwyn

Original Airdate: 16 Apr 1973 on ITV
Series: The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Season 2 Episode 12