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The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Q.C’s (S2EP11 ITV 9 Apr 1973, Robin Ellis)



Whitney Houston & Bobbi Kristina

The Missing Q.C’s: Charles Dallas is led into a strange and sinister adventure in the aftermath of a sensational murder trial.

Cast: Robin Ellis (Charles Dallas), Gordon Gostelow (Inspector Mayhew), Robert Webber (Clergyman), Howard Goorney (George Wilson), Mark Rogers (Newsboy), Celia Bannerman (Milly Revell), John Barron (Sir Revel Revell, QC), Jack May (James Ladbroke, QC), Charles Lloyd Pack (Judge), Maurice Quick (Usher), John Phillips (Professor Dyne), John Crocker (Vincent Coyle), Ken Haward (Clerk of the Court), Jack Galloway (Reporter), Margot Thomas (Lady Revell), Antony Viccars (Cabby), Michael Stainton (Brander), Jay Neill (Matthew), Joe Dunlop (Constable Oates), Clifford Cox (Police Sergeant)

Writer: John Hawkesworth / Story: John Oxenham / Producer and Director: Jonathan Alwyn

Original Airdate: 9 Apr 1973 on ITV
Series: The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Season 2 Episode 11