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The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes: The Missing Witness Sensation (S1EP2 ITV 27 Sep 1971, Robert Stephens)



The Missing Witness Sensation: Max Carrados, the blind detective, solves the case of a bank teller shot at his counter.

Cast: Robert Stephens (Max Carrados), George A. Cooper (Inspector Beedel), John Wentworth (Thaxted), Patrick O’Connell (The Captain), Patrick McAlinney (Murphy), Leslie French (Parkinson), Michael Elwyn (Greatorex), Christopher Cazenove (Stringer), Susan Tebbs (Arabella), John Bryans (Prosecuting Counsel), Anthony Dawes (Defence Counsel), Neil Wilson (Water Company Inspector), Gregory Phillips (Water Company Assistant), Hugh Morton (Judge), Maurice Quick (Magistrate), Robert Webber (Commissioner of Oaths), Richard McNeff (Cab Driver), Jon Croft (Police Constable Huntley), John Quarmby (Court Attendant), Gordon Russell (Newsboy),

Writer: Philip Mackie / Director: Jonathan Alwyn

Original Airdate: 27 Sep 1971 on ITV
Series: The Rivals Of Sherlock Holmes Season 1 Episode 2