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The Rockford Files: Local Man Eaten by Newspaper (S5EP12 NBC 8 Dec 1978, Scott Marlowe)



Local Man Eaten by Newspaper: Jim could use some saintly guidance when he goes undercover on a scandal rag that is getting confidential medical information on a doctor’s famous, and infamous, patients.

James Garner as Jim Rockford
Noah Beery Jr. as Joseph “Rocky” Rockford
Scott Marlowe as Augie Arnow
Rose Gregorio as Natalie Cotton Arnow
Joseph Hindy as Leo Cotton
Gianni Russo as Johnny Bongard
Kenneth Tigar as Jerry Simpson
Joe E. Tata as Sal
Bo Hopkins as John Cooper
Scott Brady as Harold Witbeck

Airdate: 8 Dec 1978 on NBC

Series: The Rockford Files Season 5 Episode 12

Show Info: Crime drama series detailing the cases of private detective Jim Rockford. Created by Roy Huggins and Stephen J Cannell.