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The Secrets She Keeps: Episode 5 (S1EP5 Channel 10 20 May 2020, Michael Sheasby)



Episode 5:

Episode 5: At a vigil for Baby Ben, Meghan and Agatha come face-to-face. Agatha panics over Baby Rory’s deteriorating health.

Cast: Michael Dorman (Jack), Laura Carmichael (Agatha), Jessica De Gouw (Meghan), Ryan Corr (Simon), Michael Sheasby (Hayden Cole), Cariba Heine (Grace)

Airdate: 20 May 2020 on Channel 10

Series: The Secrets She Keeps Season 1 Episode 5

Show Info: Six part Australian crime thriller based on the novel by Michael Robotham and broadcast on Channel 10. In an affluent Sydney suburb, two women have a chance encounter in a supermarket. They are the same age, both heavily pregnant and due at the same time. Meghan is a glamorous influencer on the rise, with an ambitious television sports reporter husband Jack, while Agatha works in the supermarket as a shelf stacker. Although they live near each other, the two women’s lives could not be more different…Both women have secrets. And both will risk everything to conceal the truth. But their worlds are about to collide in one shocking act that cannot be undone.