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The Simpsons: Paths of Glory (FOX 6 Dec 2015)



AIRDATE: Sunday 6 December 2015 at 8.00pm on FOX

Season 27 Episode 8

Lisa sets out to restore the tarnished reputation of Springfield’s first female inventor. To find her invention, she scours an abandoned asylum and a restaurant that caters to men. Bart joins Lisa at the asylum, stealing one of the homicidal patient’s notebooks, and bragging to the boys at school that he wrote the entries himself.

This revelation causes Homer and Marge to believe he is a sociopath, which Bart decides to use to his advantage until things go too far.

Voice Cast: Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson, Grampa, Sexy Server, Groundskeeper Willie; Moleman, Barney and Frenchman; Julie Kavner as Marge Simpson; Nancy Cartwright as Bart Simpson, Ralph, Nelson, Database, Kearney and Tour Guide; Yeardley Smith as Lisa Simpson; Hank Azaria as Supt. Chalmers, Cletus, Duffman, Old Jewish Man, Leader of Los Souvenir Jacquitos, Chief Wiggum, Owner, Guard, General, Newman, Cletus, Carl, Prof. Frink and Video Game Announcer ; Harry Shearer as Skinner; Tress MacNeille as Siphony Sue, Shauna, Amelia Vanderbunkle, Mrs. Muntz, Slightly Creepy Boy and Nurse ; Pamela Hayden as Milhouse, Jimbo, Intense Girl, Another Scary Boy and Off Screen Docent; Russi Taylor as Uter and Martin; Maggie Roswell as Helen Lovejoy