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The Six Wives Of Henry VIII: Catherine Howard (S1EP5 BBC 29 Jan 1970, Angela Pleasence)



Picture of The Six Wives Of Henry VIII Catherine Howard.

Catherine Howard: The powerful Duke of Norfolk, the leading Catholic aristocrat in England, dangles his teenaged niece Catherine Howard before the aging but still amorous King Henry, who foolishly marries her.

Cast: Keith Michell (Henry VIII), Patrick Troughton (Duke of Norfolk), Angela Pleasence (Catherine Howard), Julia Cornelius, Sheila Burrell, Catherine Lacey, Howard Goorney, John Richmond, Sue Bishop, Ralph Bates, Alberto Colzi, Simon Prebble, Bill Riley

Writer: Beverley Cross / Director: Naomi Capon

Original Airdate: 29 Jan 1970 on BBC
Series: The Six Wives of Henry VIII Season 1 Episode 5