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The Six Wives Of Henry VIII: Catherine of Aragon (S1EP1 BBC 1 Jan 1970, Patrick Troughton)



Picture of The Six Wives Of Henry VIII Catherine of Aragon.

Catherine of Aragon: Catalina of Aragon, a Spanish princess, is set to wed Arthur Tudor, eldest son on King Henry VII. Shortly after they wed, Arthur is taken by illness. Catalina then catches the eye of Arthur’s brother, Henry. When Henry VII dies, he tells his son Henry that he must marry Catalina. Henry becomes the King of England and marries Catalina. Being loved by her new subjects, Catalina changes her name to the English version, Catherine. After many years, she is still loved by her subjects, but it’s a different story with her husband.

Cast: Keith Michell (Henry VIII), Patrick Troughton (Duke of Norfolk), Annette Crosbie (Catherine of Aragon), Dorothy Tutin (Anne Boleyn), John Woodnutt (Henry VII), Martin Ratcliffe, Ken Wynne, Sally Travers, Donald Bisset, Margaret Ford, Joyce Mandre, Peter Stephens, Robert Hartley, Will Leighton, Valentine Palmer, Ina de la Haye, John Baskcomb, Verina Greenlaw, Ronald Adam, Raymond Adamson, Richard Burnett, Edward Atienza, Peter Bennett, Charles Workman, Geoffrey Lewis, Ray Marioni, Nigel Chivers

Writer: Rosemary Anne Sisson / Director: John Glenister

Original Airdate: 1 Jan 1970 on BBC
Series: The Six Wives of Henry VIII Season 1 Episode 1