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The Six Wives Of Henry VIII: Catherine Parr (S1EP6 BBC 5 Feb 1970, Rosalie Crutchley)



Catherine Parr: Corpulent and old, Henry makes a final trip to the altar, with the puritan Lady Latimer, Catherine Parr. The new queen brings Henry’s estranged daughters, Mary and Elizabeth, back into the family fold, but irritates the king by debating religion with him and his advisors.

Cast: Keith Michell (Henry VIII), Patrick Troughton (Duke of Norfolk), Rosalie Crutchley (Catherine Parr), Bernard Hepton (Thomas Cranmer), Daniel Moynihan (Lord Hertford), Basil Dignam (Bishoip Gardiner), John Ronane (Sir Thomas Seymour, Jane Seymour’s Brother), Patrick Godfrey (Sir Thomas Wriothesley), Alison Frazer (Princess Mary), Howard Goorney, Edward Atienza, Karen Ford, Jim Kennedy, Elizabeth Bell

Writer: John Prebble / Director: Naomi Capon

Original Airdate: 5 Feb 1970 on BBC
Series: The Six Wives of Henry VIII Season 1 Episode 6